What's new on the Skeincoin website ?

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As you all know we announced that we would revamp our old website to a new fresh one, we are using more secured technologies to bring the top notch security for our website. We want our website to load instantly, anytime and everywhere.
We will update you all about what's coming, what will come and when it's coming. Our plan is to work on improving the website based on our team's ideas, and also we want to hear your feedback so that we can bring some of your ideas to fruition.
We know you all have been waiting for this, this is just the beginning of a new stage for Skeincoin, and we want to share that all the team is working hard on getting the best for Skeincoin.

Why did we move?

We decided to change it due to security reasons, we need to be able to protect everything that is under our name, yes, that means even the website, hance the reason fot the change in which we have 100% control of the code.

Why use those technologies? Is WordPress bad?

WordPress is a great platform, but it does not meet all our expectations, especially in the security department. In the past we have had a few attempts at breaching our website and taking it down, so it was a smart decision on our side to switch to more advanced and secure technologies.

What will happen with the website?

We will update you all via Telegram, Discord, Facebook about the new updates of our website, what do we bring in this update or what has been fixed if there's any bug.

We as a team will try to keep our community updated via various social medias: