Skeincoin (SKC) - What's new on the Skeincoin website ?

What's new on the Skeincoin website ?

As you all know we announced that we would revamp our old website to a new more modern and secure one. We are using top-notch security for our website. We want our website to load instantly, anytime and everywhere. Our plan is to work on improving the website based on our team's ideas and your feedback, so don’t hold back, let us know what you think and lets bring some of those ideas and suggestions to fruition.

Why did we move to other technologies?

One major issue was security, in the past we’ve been attacked, there were breach attempts that were never successful, DDOS is something that is also highly popular in the crypto space, due to all that we want to make sure that we have everything under our control, so we switched from WP, basic html and css to React and Django.

Why would we use those technologies, Is WordPress bad?

WordPress is a great platform, but it does not meet all our expectations, especially in the security department. In the past we have had a few attempts at breaching our website and taking it down, so it was a smart decision on our side to switch to more advanced, modern and secure technologies.

Advantage of using Django
Django is a web framework written in Python, which allows you to work its architecture the MVT (Model View Template), makes it a real nice technology, plus it has a nice robust security.What will happen with the website?

What will happen with the website?

The website will be updated regularly with new features. Every single change on our website will be noted and sent across all our social medias in order to keep our community updated.

Other than posting on our social medias, we will keep our community well informed through our telegram and discord channels, if you haven’t joined them yet – make sure you do, links are down below: