Skeincoin (SKC) - Skeincoin partners with Blockfolio Signal!

Skeincoin partners with Blockfolio Signal!

Blockfolio is everyone's favourite cryptocurrency investment tracker. The app, available for both iOS and Android, has over 5 million users and allows for the tracking of more than 6000 blockchain assets with data pulled from over 250 exchanges. The wide support for Blockfolio has contributed to its dominance amongst cryptocurrency investors. If you haven't heard of Blockfolio we recommend downloading the app and visiting their website for more details, links to both are available at the end of article.

When using the platform, users can view all of their assets, details on each of them and even add new investments to their portfolio as they go along. Getting started using the platform is easy and any historic investments can be backdated to the date of purchase ensuring personalised and accurate data on the return of investment. Each individual asset's performance can be tracked as well as the whole portfolio itself. Multiple portfolios can even be created allowing Blockfolio to be a true one-stop shop for tracking all of user's investments

Edward Moncada, the CEO and co-founder of Blockfolio, has expressed his passion and commitment to keeping Blockfolio 100% free to use for both users, teams or companies listing on the platform. The Blockfolio company believes that market date in the cryptocurrency sphere should be both available to everyone and easy to access, and with their app Blockfolio this has truly been made possible.

Skeincoin (SKC) has long since been available to add track on Blockfolio, yet as of today (8/01/19) SKC is one of the first coins/assets to be added to the new Blockfolio Signal service. All of the team are very thankful for being added to such an innoviate platform and hope that through such a partnership, it will be possible to maintain better contact with SKC holders and investors.

Blockfolio Signal is a service built into the Blockfolio app. It allows teams behind projects to share updates quickly and easily to all users who follow their asset. In the case of SKC, this will allow the team to share, project news, updates and maintain better communications with all holders, especially those who may not be involved in our Telegram group or actively use Twitter. Important updates can be even sent via push notifications.

Skeincoin LLC would like to thank Blockfolio not only for their inclusion of Skeincoin in the new Signal service, yet also for their contribution towards making cryptocurrency investing more accessible and safer for all.

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