Skeincoin (SKC) - About


Skeincoin is active in the development and supervision of blockchain applications and its usecases.The focus is on the tokenization of company assets, creation of smart contracts, providing a decentralized cryptocurrency SKC and offering legal and technical services related to activities in the blockchain industry.

Skeincoin (SKC) is a cryptocurrency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.Skeincoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.


A very diverse and experienced team gathered together to achieve one mission invisioned by themselves. The mission to develop a digital asset that will be used globally, instantly and at anytime. Skeincoin with its team will focus on creating new partnerships and collaborations in order to ensure its growth and scalability.

Skeincoin will always stay true to its well built foundation, its community will never be left behind, all their concerns, ideas and opinions will be listened, understood and considered in the negotiations with new partners. Together with you and your support we are on our guaranteed path to success.

Skeincoin Ltd.

The Skeincoin Limited Company is registered in the High Technology Park (HTP) in Minsk, Belarus, in one of the world's leading technology incubators.

The key function of Skeincoin Ltd. is to act as a legal entity for negotiations for itself and on behalf of the Skeincoin Foundation. Skeincoin Ltd. will act as partner for businesses and as employer. The company will work for its own success while supporting the Skeincoin Foundation in the development of the Skeincoin ecosystem.

Company related services:

    01 Full legal support of events held with advice on the application. 02 The creation of "mining pools" brought to commercial products. 03 Launch of "farms"​ with maintenance of the provision of electricity. 04 Firmware development using a consumer web interface. 05 Conducting a security audit to check someone else's source code. 06 Outstanding development with testing and documentation of software. 07 Ensuring the selection of the original coin from the "fork". 08 Development and implementation of blockchain applications.

    Tokenization: convert rights to assets/businesses with economic value into a digital token, which are stored and managed on the blockchain.

    Smart contracts: autonomous code on the blockchain, allowing credible transactions without the need of third parties.